The Art of Absence

by Cold Embrace

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released March 15, 2019

"The art of absence lives through me."

© Cold Embrace / Delayed Gratification Records DGR035

All songs written and performed by Cold Embrace

Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by
Robert Patton of Robert Patton Productions

Album artwork and layout by
Nicholas Marzluf of N.M. Design & Media


all rights reserved



Cold Embrace Columbus, Ohio

Melodic Hardcore / Chaotic Metalcore

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Track Name: Shroud
"You see... the difficulty of it is this: You cannot teach a selfish person to be unselfish by any means. That is to say; whatever a selfish person does, wether it be giving his body to be burned or giving all that he posses to the poor... he will still do it in a selfish way of feeling. He will be able to do this with extreme cunning, marvelous self deception, and deception of others besides." - Alan Watts

Abandon me. Adoration begins to die. Revitalize the person that you see within my eyes. Sway with me. Embody agony inside as my deception is brought to light. Infatuation of idle lives began to fade away in time. Eclipsed by the bitter unrest I find. Conceal your face from mine. Only you unveil my cowardice disguised. Bathe me in sin and cast me out of your mind. Lacerate our fragile ties. Ripped at the root of our contentment, my poise will wither as I deny the love inside me died. Shroud me from the sun. I don’t deserve the light.
Track Name: The Art of Absence
Failing compromise; unending strife within a fragile mind. A man deserving. Bred by only failure to abide. Hand of the catalyst drag me further to relapse. In losing sense of self I illustrated our collapse. The art of absence lives through me. No bargain left to plead. No man deserving.

The art of absence lives through me.
Track Name: Degree of Separation
No means to justify when the ambition has come to die. Fabricate my sense of self. Division forms with all that I once loved. Foreign hands take hold of me. A severance realized as you speak; “Now, where have you gone? I fear you may not return”. A fading image in grieving eyes. Caught in your line of sight, my promise dies. Fragments of what remains now haunt my spirit through phantom pain. Plead for the angels to deliver me, as I invoke my fall from grace and clip their wings. An abdicated sense of self invokes my own personal hell. Our degree of separation becomes our only means of loving.
Track Name: At Your Hand
Corrupted nature, laid you to waste. A cruel intention filled your veins. A final sentence, you bore the mark; invitation left to target your heart. A pact to end ephemeral woe; your calloused hands to end it all. Now tragedy has stricken young. Man had bred the death of self. Murder at your own hand. I will avenge the very thought as I wipe her tears from what your hands have wrought. You find relief but at what cost?
Track Name: Bloodbound
Forsaken lives bloodbound in fragile ties. Is there no light still left to shine?
Look me in the eyes when you take my life. Renouncing the pact as we feed on our desires. The promise ring; fading gold to grey, rust and wither as we drift slowly. Entangled in chains, forever bound in false harmony. Exalted promise dragged through the mud. No meaning left for us.
Learning to live in longing for death. Romanticize the end more than the man I am. I keep my head pressed to the floor as I accept what I’ve been waiting for; the cold embrace. A bloodbound oath, paid in full as you press ever closer to gently slit my throat.

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